Commands - Okey bot

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8ballanswers your question3 secondsinfo📄
copypastasends a random Twitch-related copypasta5 secondsinfo📄
ttssends a tts link with your message5 secondsinfo📄
uberduckgenerate an TTS message | Voice list: secondsinfo📄
dadjokesends a random dad joke3 secondsinfo📄
dongerraise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ4 secondsinfo📄
fillrepeats the specified phrase until it reaches 500 characters10 secondsinfo📄
%sends a random precentage between 0% and 100%3 secondsinfo📄
pyramidcreates a pyramid in chat10 secondsinfo📄
yourmommomjokesends a random mom joke 😹2 secondsinfo📄
animalcat, pussy, 🐱, dog, 🐶, fox, 🦊sends a random image of an animal3 secondsinfo📄
firstmsgfm, fl, firstlinesends the target user's first seen message in the current channel5 secondsinfo📄
randlinerm, rlsends a random line from the current channel5 secondsinfo📄
randcliprcsends a random clip from the top 100 clips in the channel7 secondsinfo📄
mostsentmsmsends the target user's most sent message in the current channel5 secondsinfo📄
stalklastseen, lssends the target user's last seen chat message5 secondsinfo📄
funfactomgscootssends a random fun fact4 secondsinfo📄
linessends the specified user messages count5 secondsinfo📄
everyonemasspinggives you a list with every user in chat10 secondsinfo📄
hughug somebody 🤗3 secondsinfo📄
pingpongpong! 🏓10 secondsinfo📄
prefixprefix, botprefixchanges the bot prefix for your channel (default is "?")5 secondsinfo📄
pajbotsets the channel pajbot banphrase API5 secondsinfo📄
helpcommands, cmdsbrings you here4 secondsinfo📄
botsubsemotesetssee all the sub emotes from channels where the bot is subbed5 secondsinfo📄
botinfobot, info, okeybot, okey_botsends details about the bot10 secondsinfo📄
suggestaddbotmake a suggestion10 secondsinfo📄
cmdcommanddisable/enable a command in the current channel5 secondsinfo📄
weathersends the weather info for the specified location4 secondsinfo📄
notifynotifyme, unnotifyyou get mentioned in a message when the **current channel** stream title/game changes or the stream goes online/offline 🛎5 secondsinfo📄
useruid, staff, isbot, partner, affiliate, banned, age, colorget details about a Twitch user3 secondsinfo📄
streaminfosi, title, game, uptime, thumbnail, thumbsends info about the stream of the specified channel5 secondsinfo📄
historyrecentget a channel's recent chat messages3 secondsinfo📄
steamsearch a game on Steam3 secondsinfo📄
epicgamesepicsearch a game on Epic Games3 secondsinfo📄
howlongtobeathltbget details about how long to beat a game from howlongtobeat.com5 secondsinfo📄
dislikesget the dislike count of a YouTube video ( secondsinfo📄
geoiplookup, whoislookup an ip address5 secondsinfo📄
queryask a question - Wolfram Alpha query15 secondsinfo📄
chatterssends the chatters count5 secondsinfo📄
findmsgfindfind who sent the message from your input (you can use SQL Wildcards)5 secondsinfo📄
esearchbttv, ffz, 7tvsearch an emote on bttv/ffz/7tv by name3 secondsinfo📄
avatarpfp, avsends the specified user PFP url4 secondsinfo📄
mathdoes math3 secondsinfo📄
statssends the current channel chat stats5 secondsinfo📄
7tvupdatesenable/disable 7TV notifications in chat for channel emote changes10 secondsinfo📄
twitterfollow/unfollow a Twitter account (when the specified account tweets the tweet will be sent in chat)15 secondsinfo📄
emoteresolve a Twitch emote3 secondsinfo📄
lasttweetltsee the last Tweet of a user5 secondsinfo📄
tenorgifsearch a gif on Tenor3 secondsinfo📄
confusablescffind similar characters5 secondsinfo📄
transformtttext transform5 secondsinfo📄
spamspam a phrase in chat30 secondsinfo📄
clearspams clear 50 times10 secondsinfo📄
splitsplits every word in a different message10 secondsinfo📄
chatsettingscssends the chat settings of the specified channel7 secondsinfo📄
songspotify, track, previewsends details about the track you are currently listening on Spotify7 secondsinfo📄
recently-playedrp, previoussends your 10 recently played tracks on Spotify7 secondsinfo📄
searchsongssearchsearch a song on Spotify7 secondsinfo📄
top-artistssends your top 3 artists on Spotify7 secondsinfo📄
top-trackstop-songssends your top 5 tracks on Spotify7 secondsinfo📄